Friday, July 18, 2008

Meet The New 1st Couple: Hudson & Mr. Big

The Beatles had drummer Pete Best, the so-called Fifth Beatle booted out of the band as they were on the cusp of fame.

Spiro Agnew could have been the President of the United States, were it not for the fact that bribery charges swept him out after nearly five years as VP in October 1973. Ten months later, Jerry Ford replaced a disgraced Richard Nixon.

And "I Do, Doggone It!" had Elvis, the adorable soft-coated Wheaten terrier who has brought such joy to so many, starting with owners Tom and Roz Byrne of Oak Park.

Alas, Elvis and Mr. Big will never consummate their promise as IDDI's First Couple.

Mr. Big's affections have shifted to Hudson Daly, 8, a chocolate labrador retriever. Owners Matt and Loretta Daly of Oak Park have raised him since he was a wee 7-week-old.

Hudson (towering proudly over Mr. Big in this post's photograph) declined to bark to this blogger, but Loretta said she is thrilled with his burgeoning relationship with Mr. Big, owned by Wednesday Journal managing editor Helen Karakoudas.

"I couldn't be happier," Loretta said. "We're not losing a son, we're gaining a son."

Photo credit: Michelle Lytle

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