Friday, July 25, 2008

C'mon: Where's the LGBT Outrage?

Upon further review of the Wednesday Journal, not only did Anthony Shaker (no relation to Anthony Kiedis, gratuitously pictured in this post) take a swipe at I Do, Doggone It!, but columnist John Hubbuch weighed in with his own irreverent thoughts in this week's edition.

Because he actually has a sense of humor, John took a light-hearted tack.

We're still crossing our fingers that Oak Park's gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender population will voice outrage at IDDI. After all, by endorsing same-gender doggie unions, isn't I Do, Doggone It! making light of their homo sapien counterparts' own bid to gain familial status and all the benefits that come with it?

By the way, you need not be a member of the local LGBT community to raise a ruckus.

C'mon, controversy-lovers, where are you?

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