Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Guinness World Record Guidelines: 10 Steps to Doggone Glory

There are 80 days until the Oct. 4 ceremony, and already the buzz is building.

This is a good point to let you know that Guinness World Records has furnished guidelines to Downtown Oak Park about how to make its bid to break the GWR mark of 178 dog couples, established in May 2007 in Colorado.

The GWR guidelines total more than 20 pages, outlining the necessary steps for organizers to secure certification. But the portion that is most relevant to prospective participants (and their owners) is as follows:

1. Owners will have to subscribe their dogs in pairs.

2. The ceremony’s officiant will pronounce the vows and the dogs will be invited to bark, to express their consent. The barking is not considered an essential element for the record, therefore no dog will be disqualified for not barking.

3. A red carpet must be placed for the dog couples to walk or stand on.

4. The wedding may take place with all the couples being married simultaneously.

5. The owners may be near their dogs during the whole ceremony.

6. The wedding march must be played during the ceremony.

7. One pair may get married on stage, while all other couples may be assembled in a larger area.

8. At the end of the ceremony dogs may receive a treat (like a biscuit with red ribbon or similar).

9. Any activities around the wedding (like presentation of a marriage certificate, wedding apparel, collars, etc.) are encouraged but not required.

10. A log of all dogs participating must be submitted, with signature of their owners.

All in all, pretty simple and straightforward.

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