Friday, August 8, 2008

Rickshaw Rick's Gets Into Dog Wedding Act

Picture this:

Mr. Big and Hudson, the First Couple of I Do, Doggone It!, in a rickshaw, majestically entering the festivities on Saturday, Oct. 4, then being escorted out after the conjugal ceremony is completed.

In their wake, can't you just see the "Just Married" streamers and other accoutrements?

It could very well happen.

Rick Carter, the proprietor of Rickshaw Rick's Custom Cab Company has expressed interest in the idea. After all, his mission is "pedicabs for fun, profit and a Happy Planet." This mass dog wedding fits all of those bills--with the profit being funds raised for the American Care League.

With 57 days remaining before the big day, Downtown Oak Park officials are excited about the prospect of bringing together a variety of elements from throughout the community, especially businesses, in support of the event.

Got an idea of how you may want to get involved? Contact Matt Baron at or 708-860-1380.

(That's me, in a rickshaw, with my children Maggie Rose and Zachary on the Fourth of July 2006.)

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